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How It All Started

A prayer entry in my journal turned into a journey of revelation to a purpose God had planted in my heart. Tiffany, founder of Encounter Create, began the journey with a foundation of trust that God would reveal the way as she kept walking by faith and saying yes.

How We Evolved

In 2022, the vision grew and so did we! Encounter Create made

300 new online friends and welcomed our very first collection.

We packaged over 50 orders of Kingdom Culture apparel and experienced incredible blessings that God always had in store.

Who We Are Today

We just  launched our newest collection and anticipate with eager expectation the plans that God has for Encounter Create. The vision will continue to remain simple, encounter Jesus and create from the overflow.


Eternal Focused

Encounter Create is set apart with the mission to experience Heaven on Earth with the commission to love Jesus through our obedience to His Will, His leading, and driven by living in focused on His business alone because we value Him first  ( Matthew 6:10 ) . 

Bible Backed

The journey of Encounter Create flourished from a place of a personal relationship with The Word. As Holy Spirit reveals Jesus, we find everything we need to be built firmly and rooted deeply in the perfection of His Word. We scribe the Scriptures through design and pray the Lord breathes on them. Jeremiah 29:13


Christian Community

There is power in unity and Jesus said where two or three are gathered together in His Name, He is there in the midst. The vision of Encounter Create stems from a declaration that cries "Until the whole world knows". We look to the early church in the Book of Acts who desired to see the same degree of the Spirit’s movement and believers unity. Matthew 18:19-20

Jesus Inspired

Jesus is Truth. He is also the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End, The Way, The Truth, and The Life. These Biblical foundations are what inspire everything that flows from what you experience here at Encounter Create. We're simply Jesus people who love Him and yearn for every nation and tongue to have the gift of everlasting life and enjoy this abundant life with the Savior of the world. John 14:6 NIV  

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