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How It All Started

What started as a prayer entry in a journal, became our wildest reality. Encounter Create was established in upstate New York in November 2021 as Tiffany Barrett Creative. With the intension to serve and create purposeful design, Tiffany, founder of Encounter Create, cultivated a Facebook page producing digital design services to customers in her local community. She began the journey with a foundation of trust that God would reveal the way as she kept walking by faith and saying yes.

Clothing Rack

How We Evolved

The vision grew and so did we! Our social media platform welcomed 300 new friends across Facebook and Instagram. Our very first collection launched Spring of 2022 and we packaged over 50 orders with smiles that will always stick around. Kingdom Culture apparel, a faith based clothing line and Simply Home, a collection of modern and meaningful home accessories also made their first debut.


Who We Are Today

After the half birthday of Tiffany Barrett Creative, Encounter Create was born! The Barrett family looks to the future of Encounter Create with joy and expectation for all that God will do because of what He's already done. Our focus is to encounter Jesus, create from the overflow, and share with you. Nearing ahead, we will thrive to create a space for other creatives to have that very same opportunity right here with us.

We're glad you stopped by!

If we happened to be meeting you in person, we'd offer you a big cup of extra hot coffee, give you the warmest of hugs, and tell you all about this God sized dream. What began as a simple yes to showing up to the starting line, has grown into something far beyond what we could have imagined. 


The mission is simple:

Founders Brandon & Tiffany Barrett, can be found serving the creative community from their cozy home in upstate New York alongside of their two little boys. The vision God has allowed us to believe faithfully for, extends far beyond what we offer, but who we will have the privilege to partner with. We have a feeling that the world needs your unique gifts and we want to be a seed that will allow you to leverage that by hosting your business right here with us.

We are so thankful you'll be joining us on this very special journey.

we encounter Jesus & create from the overflow.


Tiffany's favorite EC product is the Restoration Revealed Crewneck

"It's always my go to! It's comfortable and easy to manage when pairing with an outfit. The real reason it's so special to me is because I remember when God gave me the words and directions to bring His creation to life."

"Add a testimonial and showcase positive feedback from a happy client or customer."
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